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Freemasonry and the Media - Hiding our light under a bushel

The recent ‘media charm offensive’ by Brother Nigel Brown (Grand Secretary, UGLE) was an outstanding and remarkable effort. The Craft will benefit greatly from this approach. The newspaper and radio interviews were well received by the media and very much appreciated by Brethren everywhere.
The simple truth is that Freemasonry has so much to offer and for far too long it has been hiding its light under a bushel.
For those who didn’t hear the interviews or read them in the press, ‘Freemasonry Today’ has not only been reporting the Grand Secretary’s comments; it has been calling for Freemasons to adopt a more open approach.
One important area which Freemasonry could undoubtedly benefit from, is the Internet, and this has certainly not gone unnoticed in Great Queen Street with the recent launch of the UGLE Twitter account. This sends a clear message that this is a medium that cannot be ignored.
Thousands of Freemasons worldwide make use of Social Media, principally Facebook and Twitter. They communicate, not only within their own Provinces and Districts, but with Brethren dispersed across the world. This will bring about ‘Masonry Universal’ in a way that traditional methods of communication can never achieve.
Of course, the internet has problems associated with it, as well as benefits.
 It’s obvious that the next generation will increasingly learn about the Craft from surfing the Net, indeed, many now make their first contact with the Craft via the internet, often by visiting Lodge websites, before taking the all important step of making contact. The internet therefore presents an opportunity for The Craft to make a good impression.
It is of course up to the leaders of the Craft to determine how best to use this medium. The principals of Freemasonry must not change regardless of how we communicate them, however, by speaking to the press and the media, Brother Brown has taken a bold step. The Craft can only benefit from his efforts.
Posted by Editor on 22/04/2013 10:32:03

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