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Research Maps, Charts and Statistics
A collection of graphs, charts, maps and data.

1. Distribution of home and overseas lodges.
       Grand Lodge of Scotland

     An interactive map which allows the user to dynamically view the
     spread of Scottish Masonic Lodges on a time line from 1599 to 2012.                  
     Click here to view. (This map will open in a seperate window)

2. New lodges & lodge closures (1998-2011)
       United Grand Lodge of England

     Map clustering is used to show the distribution of new lodges and
     lodge erasures. Menu selections allow the user to change the way the
     data is displayed.      Click here to view the map.

3. Chart: Longevity of erased lodges (1970-2011)
       United Grand Lodge of England

     In this example a "bubble" chart is used to graphically illustrate the
     change in the longevity of lodges which have closed since 1970.
     This is an interactive chart.      Click here to view the chart.

4. Chart: Lodge amagamations, (1998-2011)
       United Grand Lodge of England

     Application interfaces are available for a wide range of interactive graphs and charts.
     This bar chart is an example of how these interfaces can be used to simultaneously
     diaplay several sets of data.       Click here to view the chart.

5. Chart: Relative size of Provinces.
       Ireland, England & Scotland

     An interactive interface is used to display the relative size of Provinces.
     Menu selections allow the user to change the way the data is displayed.      
     Click here to view the chart.  (This chart will open in a seperate window)

6. An example of a map with a user interface.

     An example of how maps can be combined with user information.
     This example uses a CSS Style Sheet to display data. 
     Click here to view the map.

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